DES MOINES, Iowa -- In Congress, Silent Cindy didn’t lift a finger in the spring of 2019 when Iowans needed immediate relief from the devastating floods that destroyed homes, businesses, and livelihoods of thousands of her constituents.

She watched as her Democratic party bosses played politics with relief funding, all while she posed for photo ops with victims. In a new disingenuous ad discussing flood recovery efforts, Axne claims she will “work with anyone, no matter what party” to get things done. But when Senate Democrats tried to block funding and voted against flood relief, there was nothing but crickets from Silent Cindy. 

“Rep. Axne’es new ad is a gross attempt to rewrite history in an election year,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. "Silent Cindy turned her back on Iowans after the catastrophic floods. Axne was at a House Democrat retreat when the Vice President came to tour the damage, and she didn’t lift a finger when Senate Democrats lined up to block relief funding. She can try to alter reality with campaign commercials, but the truth is: Axne wasn’t there for her constituents when they needed her most, and southwest Iowans will remember that she abandoned them." 


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