DES MOINES -- In case you missed it, Biden is under pressure in Iowa today after Bloomberg reported senior Iowa Democrats believe his campaign is “poorly organized” and recognize he has “failed to engage with voters and party leaders.”

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The former VP’s campaign has been bogged down for months now by embarrassing gaffeslies, and out-of-touch claims like “China’s not a problem” and calling the GOP tax cuts “negligible.” 

Biden has frequently had a careless attitude towards Iowa -- he couldn’t give a single reason why Iowans should vote for him, and at one point he implied he was tired of coming to Iowa. It turns out his State Director doesn't even live in Iowa.

To make matters worse, yesterday Iowa's senior Senator Grassley announced he is investigating Hunter Biden and his potential conflict of interest with a Chinese investment firm. This firm has partnered with a Chinese aviation company that has raised significant national security concerns.

“Once thought to be the obvious frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden’s Iowa campaign is falling apart. Quid Pro Joe has been focused on undoing the 2016 election and baselessly attacking President Trump, but perhaps he should spend more time getting his internal house in order.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt



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