DES MOINES -- In an interview over the weekend, Christina Bohannan dodged Joe Biden like the plague - proving just how toxic he still is in Iowa.

Anchor: "Will you run on Joe Biden's record or run away from it? Where do you disagree with the [Biden] Administration when it comes to policy if at all?"

Bohannan: "So, you know, it's interesting a lot of people try to nationalize this. I have one opponent here... I think that when we look at the record, the record we should be looking at is Representative Miller-Meeks' record..."

Anchor: "People do see Congressional races from a national perspective in a lot of ways. I guess basically, do you see this administration as being positive or negative so far?

Bohannan: I'm sorry, I didn't understand that last part of the question.

Anchor: "I basically asked you if you support what Joe Biden has done so far in the administration in the time he's served so far."

Bohannan: "So, you know, there are some really good things that we can do here and we should focus on the good things that we can do."

Unlike Bohannan, Miller-Meeks has made very clear that she stands against the Biden Administration's reckless spending, open border policies, and overall weakness on the world stage. Bohannan was asked directly multiple times in a single interview and each time she dodged. 

Iowans deserve answers.

"Bohannan is too afraid to tell Iowans that she agrees with Joe Biden on every issue. Just like she has been in the Iowa House, Bohannan will be a radical progressive who stands against Iowa Values," said Republican party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Joe Biden is toxic in Iowa, that's why Iowa Democrats continue to ignore him."


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