DES MOINES -- By now, we’ve seen the great lengths Theresa Greenfield, Chuck Schumer’s hand-picked candidate for Senate, goes through to avoid cameras. However, the Greenfield campaign took it to another level when a staffer became fairly aggressive with a college student recording Greenfield on his iPhone.

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This is just the latest incident in a trend throughout her campaign that has Iowans asking: Why is Greenfield so worried about cameras and taking questions? 
Since getting in the race, Greenfield has seemed to follow Chuck Schumer’s directions to stay in a windowless basement raising money.  But, on the rare occasions that she does step out in public, she continues her dodgeball act by avoiding questions or taking anything resembling a policy position.
Greenfield is clearly uneasy having to face every day Iowans, as she is known to make bizarre statements and embarrassing gaffes. Greenfield even dodges questions about whether she wants a Democrat to win the presidency (!?). In response to her gaffe-prone candidacy, it’s clear Greenfield and her team are intent on preventing any recordings and questions whenever possible.



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