Since Zach Nunn secured the GOP nomination for Iowa's Third Congressional District, Axne has faced a whirlwind of adversity. From the race being changed from Toss-Up to Lean R to Biden privately wondering if Iowa was worth it, Axne is desperate. 

Axne hit a new low this morning as her campaign has already decided to go negative on tv, and this one is a doozy.

In the ad, Axne decries a bill allowing qualified and trained 16 and 17 year-olds to run amusement park rides.  The bill overwhelmingly passed the Iowa House and Senate and was supported by Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn, Democrat House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst, Mike Franken campaign staff Ras Smith, and other Iowa Democrat leaders.

"Cindy Axne is desperate and despicable. Trying to leverage the tragic death of a child for her own political gain is outrageous, but I guess we should expect that from Nancy Pelosi's favorite member of Congress," said Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann. "Try as she may, she will never be able to distract Iowans of her record of disasters - high gas prices, record inflation, open border policies, a botched Afghanistan exit, the list goes on and on. Cindy must be desperate if she's hurling lies and slamming her own party's votes." 


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