Despite being afforded many opportunities, Cindy Axne has repeatedly failed to take a public stance on defunding the police. Her consistent efforts to avoid the topic have kept us in the dark, leaving Iowans to wonder: Will Rep. Axne denounce Reps. Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Sen. Kamala Harris and stand with the men and women who work to keep our communities safe?

The “defund the police” movement has gone from a far-left, fringe idea to a litmus test for Democrats across the country. This dangerous proposal would mean the partial to total defunding of police officers, and it’s already becoming mainstream in several cities. 

Axne represents the largest city in Iowa, yet she has remained completely silent on the issue -- meaning she is currently complicit in supporting this radical movement.

Instead of standing up for Iowa communities and the individuals that protect them, Axne appears to be appeasing the far-left wing of the Democratic party. Her continued silence is deafening.


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