DES MOINES — In a recent post, Cindy Axne praised an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters — a radical environmental group that backs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 trillion Green New Deal.

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The Green New Deal would be a disaster for rural Iowa, implementing substantial regulations that would completely disrupt Iowans’ way of life. This socialist wishlist would put 32,000 employees that work in Iowa’s beef industry out of a job, and require monumental tax hikes that would bankrupt Iowa families.

While AOC claims this radical proposal is about addressing climate change, her own chief of staff admitted it was more about finding a way to “change the entire economy.”

Silent Cindy has ignored rural Iowans time and again. Now, she’s proudly touting an endorsement from the LCV — a group whose top agenda item is the Green New Deal, a blatantly socialist proposal that they are counting on Axne to champion.


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