Inflation rose to 9.1 percent in June - hitting a new 40-year high. Our national economy is a disaster and Iowans are feeling the sheer force of record-high inflation.

These new numbers mark a one-year anniversary since Cindy Axne told Iowans not to worry about the "false advertisement" of inflation. 

Last July, Axne said at a town hall, "Our economy is on a great track right now. I'm assuming you're talking about a lot of the false advertisements that are out there. You know what? Here's the deal. They're comparing any of the costs against last year. I'd say we had a few things increase because we were in the middle of COVID, so no, I'm not concerned about a false advertisement."

Axne was wrong and the new inflation numbers prove it, but she will never own up to her mistakes.

"Cindy Axne was wrong about inflation - just like Joe Biden," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "She lied to Iowans and now look where we are, we are hitting a new 40 year high! Iowans deserve someone who will tell them what is going on in Washington, not someone who continues to hide behind Democrat leadership."


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