SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- Today, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann held a press conference to expose the cover-up being carried out by Theresa Greenfield.

Greenfield removed information from her campaign website that described her time as CEO of Rottlund Homes and President of Colby Interests. This removal occurred after concerns were raised about her disastrous record as a real estate executive.

During her time as CEO of Rottlund Homes, the company ran up millions in debt, neglected to pay its bills, was repeatedly sued for fraud and shoddy work, and eventually had to close its doors. After failing at Rottlund, Greenfield moved to Colby Interests and served as president. There, Greenfield kicked mom-and-pop businesses to the curb to make way for a large, multinational chain.

After Greenfield’s failed business record was exposed, she is hiding from her past -- scrubbing her website to hide from Iowa voters. 

In December 2019, Greenfield prominently featured her time at these companies: “Theresa worked as an urban planner and then joined Rottlund Homes, where she rose quickly through the ranks and soon moved to Des Moines to lead the company’s Iowa Division. Today, she serves as President of Colby Interests, one of Des Moines’ oldest family-held real estate and development companies.

And by March 2020? “Theresa worked as an urban planner and has worked in real estate and development in Iowa.”

“Theresa Greenfield is very clearly a failed real estate executive that is attempting to hide her shady business record at the direction of Chuck Schumer and D.C. operatives,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowans will see through Greenfield’s shady tactics and shameful record. She can scrub her record all she wants, but she can never erase the decades of inadequate leadership she demonstrated at Rottlund Homes and Colby Interests.”

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