The four candidates in the Iowa Senate Democratic primary are set to debate one last time later this afternoon. As they grow increasingly divided in the final 12 days before the primary, here are some fireworks to keep an eye out for:

  • Last chance for Franken, Graham, and Mauro to go on the offensive and call out Greenfield for being the candidate of Chuck Schumer and Swampy special interests

    Perhaps the issue that has Democrats divided most is Chuck Schumer’s early meddling in this primary. The candidates have not been shy about calling out Greenfield in the past. Tonight is their last chance to make the case to voters -- Greenfield and her DC-run campaign can’t be trusted. 

  • Greenfield claims she won’t accept a dime from corporate PACs. Her opponents aren’t even buying it. Will she continue repeating this debunked talking point?

    An Open Secrets report found that not only does Greenfield find deceptive ways to break her “pledge,” but she actually topped the list of Schumer’s Democratic candidates who took the most money from corporate-funded Leadership PACs. Not to mention, she has benefitted from nearly $6 million in spending from Schumer’s corporate-funded PAC. Eddie Mauro and Kimberly Graham haven’t been afraid to call her out on numerous occasions. Will Greenfield continue repeating this blatantly deceptive talking point?

  • Greenfield tried to dodge this debate. Now that she is participating, will she continue dodging basic questions like she has in the past?

    In Monday night’s debate, Greenfield dodged a simple question on decriminalizing illegal border crossings -- a question that has been a hot topic in Democratic debates for months now. This comes after a video surfaced of Greenfield failing to answer a simple foreign policy question. Will Greenfield finally be called out for her long history of dodging questions?



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