In a new interview with WHO 1040's Simon Conway, Deidre DeJear, Gov. Kim Reynolds' Democrat opponent, gave Reynolds credit for her handling of the pandemic. 

After being asked if she would have instituted more lockdowns, DeJear responded no, saying, "COVID was a moving target and there were a great deal of decisions that were made over the course of COVID and nobody was doing this because they had done it before."

DeJear goes even further - putting the final nail into the coffin of Iowa Democrat's most important message, "I don't really go back and further litigate COVID."

"Iowa Democrats' top candidate is admitting Kim Reynolds had the right strategy during the pandemic. It's nice to see they are finally admitting they were wrong," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Under Gov. Reynolds' leadership, Iowans retained their freedoms and we are all grateful for that. For so long, Iowa Democrats threatened to take our freedoms away - their candidates are now seeing the writing on the wall."


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