Last week, U.S. Senate candidate Kimberly Graham was asked if Democrats would debate.  She said:
“Now there are a number of virtual US Senate candidate forums but my understanding so far of those is that they’re not actually going to be debates. And my understanding is also that because not all of the US senate candidates would agree to a debate. And I will just tell you that every time someone asks me about doing a debate I say yes before they can even finish asking me. So I have no problem doing a debate. I would love it. Love.”
Which candidate isn’t willing to debate? In Iowa, transparency and accessibility are critical. Primary voting begins in just 10 days. In 2016, the Democratic Senate candidates facing Grassley debated at least twice.
According to the most recent poll, all these candidates remain widely unknown. But, only one candidate has a $3.3 million ad buy from Chuck Schumer’s PAC who has a history of dodging Iowans.
Just 10 days until voting starts. It’s worth asking the candidates: When will they debate?


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