There couldn't be a larger juxtaposition between Iowa and D.C. right now. 

While Iowa Republicans are tightening election rules to root out bad actors, secure our elections, and improve our systems, Cindy Axne and Congressional Democrats are looking to nationalize our elections and turn regulators into partisan henchmen. 

H.R. 1 would be detrimental to our election systems. 

The Federal Election Commission would cease to exist as we know it. Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Axne are fed up with fairness. To hold onto power, they want to lower the number of members on the FEC to five and abandon the long principle of equal party makeup. A move the Institute of Free Speech says would delegitimize the FEC. This would give the sole power of investigation and delegation of punishment to the party of the president - something Democrats would have called fascism just two months ago. 

If that's not problematic enough, HR 1 also: 

  • Makes D.C. a state 
  • Overrides state election laws to create nationalized elections
  • Eliminates Iowa's redistricting process
  • Turns the FEC Chair into a "Speech Czar"

Mitch McConnell dubbed this as the "Democrat Politician Protection Act," but let's call it out for what it is: a power grab. 

"At a time when Iowans and Americans are demanding more accountability and security in elections, Cindy Axne and radical Democrats are pushing forward with their disgusting power grab," said Kollin Crompton, Iowa GOP spokesman. "This isn't about fixing election systems so that voters have more trust in our institutions. It's a blatant attempt to try and subvert a level playing field for politics." 


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