DES MOINES, Iowa -- Yesterday, Sen. Joni Ernst completed her sixth 99 county tour, and Sen. Chuck Grassley completed his 40th “Full Grassley.”

Ernst and Grassley have set a precedent of accessibility and accountability for all elected officials in Iowa, embodying the most crucial component of representative government -- meeting folks where they are, listening to their concerns, and taking them straight to our nation’s capital.

Meanwhile, Theresa Greenfield continues getting away with her “do nothing, say nothing” strategy, following party boss Chuck Schumer’s orders and staying in her windowless basement.

Greenfield even skipped a debate in rural Iowa last week, opting instead to tape videos and tweet out fundraising pleas. Nevermind the fact that Greenfield has yet to visit a majority of counties in Iowa -- including Clay County, where the debate took place.

“While Sens. Ernst and Grassley continue demonstrating what true leadership looks like, Theresa Greenfield is doing as she’s told -- staying in her basement and avoiding taking questions from Iowans at all costs,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowa is lucky to have two of the hardest working Senators in the country, and after seeing Greenfield’s disdain and lack of interest in large swaths of the state, Iowans will choose Joni Ernst every day -- someone who has a proven record of accessibility.”


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