Last week, a judge was asked  to overturn the Iowa State Objection Panel's ruling to allow Abby Fienkenauer on the Democrat primary ballot.

Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand and Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller put partisanship before Iowa law to keep Finkenauer on the ballot. They knew that if they followed state law, the DSCC would be livid for kicking their hand-picked candidate off the ballot. If the panel had held Finkenauer to the same standard they held Miller too, Finekenauer would not appear on the ballot.

Instead of admitting her campaign team was lazy and inefficient, Finkenauer has chosen to make herself a victim. Finkenauer claims her campaign is "people-powered," yet she could barely get enough signatures to even attempt to get on the ballot. Every person who has ever worked or covered Iowa campaigns knows signatures are easy, but you have to do the work.

Finkenauer's gymnastics to stay on the ballot started before the objection panel even met. Democrat Party fixer Marc Elias filed a challenge to Finkenauer's primary opponent Mike Franken, but Elias pulled the challenge the day of the panel's meeting.

"Finkenauer wants to be handed the Democrat party nomination on a silver platter. She has proven she does not have the organization, support or operation to execute a campaign, she simply wants the national Democrats to anoint her as the heir apparent," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Iowa Democrats will continue to ignore their grassroots, and allow a robust primary all in the name of saving face for Finkenauer and bending to the will of national Democrats."


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