DES MOINES, Iowa -- In a new TV ad, Rep. Abby Finkenauer discusses her record on rural health care, but conveniently left out an important detail -- Finkenauer supports a public option, a policy that would bankrupt rural hospitals right here in Iowa.

In fact, a nationwide analysis found rural hospitals in Iowa would be at risk of losing $476 million in revenue -- forcing 52 rural Iowa hospitals to shut their doors for good -- if Finkenauer’s plan was enacted. The coronavirus pandemic has shown how critically important it is to support our rural hospitals, but the public option Finkenauer and many far-left Democrats have embraced would hurt their bottom lines and force rural hospitals to close.

Finkenauer has yet to stand up for her constituents in Congress, focusing instead on the policies supported by her coastal liberal allies who have never stepped foot in a rural community. She owes it to Iowans to drop the partisan talking points and out-of-touch policy proposals and stand up for rural health care.

Bottom Line: Rep. Finkenauer has proven she will prioritize the proposals backed by the coastal elites bankrolling her campaign, even if it means hurting her own constituents. Iowans will remember when they start casting ballots in just 10 days.


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