DES MOINES, Iowa -- Last weekend, Rep. Abby Finkenauer couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have her production crew film as Iowans devastated by last week’s derecho lined up to receive food and water.

At charity event, Finkenauer sees political opportunity, brings production crew and uses footage in new campaign ad

Leave it to Abby Finkenauer to turn an unprecedented, devastating storm that destroyed businesses, homes, and livelihoods into a political opportunity. Since the storm hit, Finkenauer has been playing partisan games with this natural disaster to score cheap political points. Her actions are shameful and a reminder that first district Iowans deserve a representative who will stand up and fight for them instead of seeing everything through the lens of partisan politics.

On the other hand, Ashley Hinson has been on the ground, helping her neighbors, and talking with leaders to ensure Iowans get the resources needed to begin to rebuild and recover from the storm.

“Rep. Finkenauer’s actions are disgraceful, but not surprising. Her ability to turn just about any situation into a partisan political stunt should alarm every Iowan in the first district.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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