As polls show Abby Finkenauer in a terrible position heading into 2022, she is pulling out all the stops to ensure coastal donors don't give up on her.

Yesterday, Finkenauer sent a fundraising email for Terry McAuliffe - you know the one who infamously said parents shouldn't have a say in their child's education. 

Now, Finkenauer is aiming at... Kyrsten Sinema? In a desperate attempt to go after Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Senate's most effective fighter for lowering prescription drug costs, Finkenauer goes after one of her own. Since Finkenauer isn't a part of the legislative process anymore, she should be reminded that Sen. Grassley has not been invited into negotiations on the Build Back Broke plan. It's a purely partisan process.

While Iowans are being crushed by inflation due to the Biden Administration's reckless spending policies, this is what Finkenauer is focused on. 

"Finkenauer cares more about what is happening in the beltway than she does about what is happening in Iowa," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "In Iowa, we believe parents have a rightful role to play in their child's education. It is disqualifying that Finkenauer would side with Terry McAuliffe - a radical even by Virginia's standards - over Iowa's parents."


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