DES MOINES, Iowa -- New evidence has come to light that Theresa Greenfield's campaign has broken federal disclosure laws for sending a mass mailing to Iowans without identifying who paid for the piece. Was this mail, which makes false claims on Sen. Ernst’s record of standing up for Iowa farmers, another unknown dark money group backing Greenfield, or from her own campaign? Iowans may never know what shady entities are trying to buy their support.

Click here to see the mail piece. 

This kind of despicable campaign tactic is nothing new for Greenfield’s flailing campaign. Recently, Greenfield’s allies were caught spreading misinformation, intentionally trying to confuse voters on Sen. Ernst’s unanimous support from Iowa’s agriculture industry. Then, it was discovered that Greenfield featured a farmer on one of her mail pieces who actually supports Ernst

While Greenfield hasn’t received the endorsement of a single ag organization, Sen. Ernst has been endorsed by Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Corn Growers, and the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. 

It’s no surprise Greenfield and her liberal allies are resorting to illegal activity and more dirty tricks to spread false information. They have already been hit with two FEC complaints for illegal coordination, another for breaking other campaign finance laws, and Greenfield was flagged by the Federal Election Commission for accepting illegal excessive contributions (which she has now missed the deadline for).

And let’s not forget, Greenfield’s first *and only other* run for office abruptly ended when her campaign was caught committing felony election fraud.

An FEC complaint is forthcoming, since the lack of disclaimer is in clear violation of disclosure laws for public communications by political committees. 

“In the final days of the campaign, Theresa Greenfield is solidifying her reputation as a fraud and continues adding to her history of lying, deceiving, and engaging in illegal activity,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Iowans are seeing right through her pattern of dirty tricks, and that’s why they will reject her at the ballot box on Election Day.” 


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