Yesterday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann held a press conference with small business owners to expose real estate executive Theresa Greenfield’s history of kicking small businesses to the curb to make way for a multinational corporation. Small business owners went to the Apple Valley Shopping Center -- the place Greenfield ousted mom and pop shops that had been there for decades -- to express their concerns with Greenfield’s total silence on this disastrous part of her past.

WATCH: Kaufmann & small business owners demand answers from Greenfield

After months of avoiding the issue, her campaign lashed out yesterday, saying Greenfield kicking small businesses to the curb was part of a “long-completed economic development project.”

This just confirms Theresa Greenfield's economic development strategies do not include small businesses, which are the backbone of Iowa communities. Her economic development project wasn't complete until a mom and pop shop was kicked out of this shopping center and their spot was offered up to a multinational corporation, who ended up walking away from the project altogether. That's some "completed economic development project."

“Two-faced Theresa is having a hard time balancing her ruthless real estate mogul past with her political aspirations," said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “The fact that the Greenfield campaign views kicking Windsor Heights small businesses to the curb to make way for a multinational corporation as a positive thing is pathetic and shows her true motives. Iowans are beginning to see Greenfield for what she is, just another slick politician who's bad for small businesses."


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