DES MOINES, Iowa -- It has been 15 days since nearly a dozen Iowa small business owners sent a letter to Theresa Greenfield demanding answers on her record of kicking Windsor Heights small businesses to the curb in favor of a multinational corporation. Greenfield has thus far refused to answer for this disastrous part of her past.

Today, Iowa GOP launched a new digital ad, “Greedy Greenfield: Bad for Iowa Small Businesses.” You can watch the ad by clicking here.

Greenfield often touts her background as president of Colby Interests, but in reality, she has a dismal record of ousting mom and pop shops to line her pockets -- making a deal with a multinational corporation while businesses that had been in Windsor Heights for decades were forced to close or relocate.

“As a real estate executive, greedy Greenfield favored a multinational corporation over Windsor Heights small businesses, forcing out loyal tenants that had been there for decades,” said Aaron Britt, spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa. “If she wants to represent Iowans in the U.S. Senate, she has to come clean on this dark part of her past. The longer she stays silent, the more Iowans know they can’t trust Theresa Greenfield.”


















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