DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowans are starting to see the Two Faces of Theresa Greenfield, and they don’t like what they see.

Whether it’s claiming she doesn’t take “one dime” in corporate PAC money and then proceeds to accept seven million dimes from corporate lobbyists, executives, and CEOs; saying she was a “successful” small business owner when in reality, she was CEO of Rottlund Homes when it was sued for fraud and shoddy work and ousted Windsor Heights small businesses as President of Colby Interests; or flip-flopping so many times on the CARES Act that it’s enough to give any voter whiplash -- it’s clear Theresa Greenfield’s wishy-washy words are catching up to her.

In stark contrast to Senator Ernst, Greenfield has failed to be upfront and honest with Iowans time and again. Now, her campaign is scrambling -- that’s why her last-ditch attempt to cover-up her shady real estate record is an indictment of her flailing campaign.

“Theresa Greenfield has been misleading and deceiving Iowans from her basement since she launched her campaign,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “But she can’t hide from her abysmal record forever. Even though she is doing everything she can to cover it up with wishy-washy claims and campaign ads, her past is catching up to her -- and Iowans know Theresa can’t be trusted.” 


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