Harriet Hageman, who just defeated Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Primary Election, will join the Republican Party of Iowa, Republican Party of Polk County, and the Scott County Republican Party in a swing from October 10th through the 11th as part of her effort to help take back the House. Event details will be released at a later date.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said:

"Harriet Hageman fought back against the D.C. swamp and WON. That is exactly our goal here in Iowa: send a clear message to the Democrat elite that we are fed up with them trying to control our lives.

"Iowans are tired of the Biden Administration's Nanny State of reckless spending, increasing federal bureaucracy, and woke ideology. Hageman is a brilliant guest to tell Iowans the story of how to fight back."

Republican Party of Polk County Chair Gloria Mazza said:

“The Republican Party of Polk County is excited to welcome Harriet Hageman to an event with Zach Nunn for Congress. The upset of Liz Cheney in Wyoming speaks volumes that Americans are ready to send a message to Washington, and Hageman's ability to communicate voters’ concerns gave her a huge win.

“Voters of Iowa's Third Congressional District want these same results to retire Cindy Axne. We need leaders like Hageman and Nunn to tell voters that changing Washington is possible.”

Scott County Republican Party Chair Jeanita McNulty said:

"Eastern Iowa is ready to hear from Harriet Hageman during her first visit to Iowa. She is an inspiration as a fighter for the American people who does not give up! Iowans are eager to give an audience to Harriet’s message of pushing back against the Washington machine.”


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