Attorney General Bird joins 7th GOP-led lawsuit against President Biden
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Iowa's News Now | January 26, 2023

"DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has joined another lawsuit against the Biden Administration Thursday, this one against an upcoming rule chase that allows financial companies in possession of Americans' savings accounts to consider climate change and other environmental, social and governance factors when they make investment decisions.


'Millions of Americans are seeing their hard-earned retirement savings put at risk due to the Biden Administration’s reckless agenda.' said Attorney General Bird. 'Americans spend a lifetime working and saving for their retirement. They don’t deserve political agendas illegally driving investment decisions that cost them money.'

Iowa is the 25th state led by a Republicans that has joined the suit.

According to the State Attorney General's website, this is at least the 7th lawsuit led by state Republicans across the country that bird has joined. Suing the Biden Administrations on various issues and disputes was a center campaign promise by Attorney General Bird, who defeated long-time Democratic Attorney General Tom Miller in November.

Other lawsuits she has joined on are:

  • Student Debt Cancelation
  • Three challenges to vaccine mandates
  • Provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act
  • Biden Immigration Policy"

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