DES MOINES, Iowa -- Last week, Cindy Axne embraced the Democrats’ partisan, conspiratorial attack on the post office -- going so far as to call on the Postmaster General to resign. But instead of following through on this partisan stunt, Rep. Axne didn’t even show up for Saturday’s vote on the post office bill. Instead, she once again handed her vote off to one of the most liberal members of Congress, East Coast Rep. Jamie Raskin, failing to do the most basic job Iowa taxpayers elected her to do… vote.

What’s more, Axne caved to weeks of pressure from David Young, who called her out for failing to stand up to Speaker Pelosi and working towards a compromise on the next COVID relief bill. But all Silent Cindy could muster was writing a lackluster letter. Since she isn’t even going to Washington to apply pressure, it’s clear these were simply empty words so she could pull off another election-year stunt.

While David Young never missed a vote during his tenure, Rep. Axne has broken the promises she made to Iowans time and again -- failing to take their voices to Washington.

“Iowans in the third district won’t forget Rep. Axne has repeatedly neglected to carry out her most basic responsibilities as their elected representative,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Instead, Axne has proven she has nothing to offer other than empty words and broken promises. In November, Iowans will reject her failed leadership and elect David Young, who never failed to take their voices to the halls of Congress.”


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