DES MOINES — After a constituent asked Cindy Axne why everyone can’t get the same health care plan as members of Congress, Axne complained about her taxpayer-funded Obamacare plan, saying“First and foremost, you really don’t want what I have, because I don’t get good insurance. It’s ok insurance.”

WATCH: Axne complains her health insurance isn’t good enough

But members of Congress receive “Gold” plans through the Obamacare exchange, thesecond-best tier of coverage. In Iowa, only 30 percent of individuals on a marketplace plan have Gold or better — meaning she has better health care than 70 percent of Iowans on the Obamacare exchange.

With the Gold plan, government subsidies cover about 75 percent of the premiums. Gold plans also provide patients with low deductibles and low costs when care is needed. So while Axne might not be satisfied with her taxpayer-funded, Cadillac of health care plans, rest-assured it’s a better deal than what most Iowans have.

“Only in the swamp are taxpayer-funded, Gold health care plans not good insurance. Cindy Axne could not be more out-of-touch with Iowans and what it means to balance a checkbook.” — Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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