DES MOINES — Yesterday, Cindy Axne falsely claimed she was uninvited to a White House tour in her district. Turns out, she was never invited on the tour in the first place.

Axne chose to whip up a political charade and (again) failed to represent her constituents — skipping a bipartisan White House event that she actually was invited to.

The real kicker? Cindy Axne missed all FOUR VOTES the House took yesterday.

“It’s a shame Cindy Axne was too busy conjuring up a false narrative and throwing a fit to show up for her constituents yesterday,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Not only did she skip an event in her district with President Trump, but she also chose to skip every single vote in the House. Iowans deserve a representative who will show up to work every day instead of playing childish games.”


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