Yesterday, Sen. Joni Ernst set the record straight on Democrats blocking COVID relief -- something Senate Republicans have fought for numerous times, but Democratic party bosses Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have repeatedly shot down.

As Ernst said, the Senate’s latest proposal included:

  • A boost in weekly unemployment insurance benefits

  • Additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program to help small businesses

  • Billions of dollars in additional funding for K-12 schools and colleges

  • $15 billion to help working parents find accessible child care options

  • Support for farmers and ranchers

  • $30+ billion for development of vaccines

  • Additional funding for testing and contact tracing 

  • Aid for the postal service

  • Liability protections for schools and health care providers 

  • Expanded deduction for charitable contributions made during the pandemic

WATCH: Senate Democrats Exposed for Blocking COVID Relief

But Senate Democrats, led by Thersa Greenfield’s de facto campaign manager Chuck Schumer, blocked those efforts.

REMINDER: Failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield has expressed opposition to every single COVID relief package. Greenfield and her outside groups have spent millions bashing the CARES Act as a “slush fund,” despite the fact that it provided critical aid to frontline workers and small businesses. Greenfield also said she would’ve voted against the HEROES Act.

Bottom Line: This is just another reason Iowans can’t trust Theresa. She will choose Chuck Schumer and party bosses over Iowans every time.


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