In case you missed it, Iowa was ranked the number one state to retire in by BankRate. 

Iowa's top rank is a testament to the results of Republican leadership. Last year, for instance, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a tax reform package into law that completely eliminated state taxation of retirement income. Other Republican officials have similarly stewarded policies that have augmented Iowa's quality of life, from Attorney General Brenna Bird's tough stance on crime to the governor and legislature's healthcare accessibility reforms

In response to this development, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement:

"Iowa continues to soar under the Republican leadership and Republican policies of Governor Kim Reynolds and our state legislature. From elementary school children to retirees, everyone has the opportunity to thrive in our wonderful state." 

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The Best and Worst States to Retire in 2023, Ranked

BankRate | July 31, 2023

"You may be wondering: Why Iowa? With its vast farmlands, peaceful countryside and friendly locals, Iowa offers a unique retirement experience for many Americans seeking a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle with access to the outdoors and retirement-age communities.

"Iowa’s affordability is a big draw for retirees. Iowa is the sixth cheapest place to live in the U.S., according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, which is a huge advantage for retirees on a fixed income. Lower housing costs also helped prop the Hawkeye state up to the No. 3 spot for affordability. Iowa’s median home price is $239,400, per Redfin data — well below the nationwide median home price of $388,800. Homeowners insurance in Iowa is also below the national average.


"Iowa also doesn’t tax Social Security benefits, and Iowans age 55 and older are exempt from paying state taxes on retirement income for tax year 2023. The state also topped our ranking for its high-quality healthcare services and low healthcare costs."

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