As national media begins to call out Nancy Pelosi and Rita Hart's attempt to steal Iowa's Second Congressional Race, on Friday, all GOP members of the Iowa State Canvassing Board reaffirmed their certification of Mariannette Miller-Meeks' victory.

While the Republicans on the board are standing by their certification, Iowans have yet to hear anything from Democrats - State Auditor Rob Sand or State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald. It's members of their own party who are attempting to overturn their certification. 

"Iowans can see Fitzgerald and Sand for what they are - hypocrites. Particularly Sand, who lectured elected officials about the need to firmly state the presidential results, yet he is silent when it comes to affirming his own signature declaring Congresswoman Miller-Meeks the winner," said Kollin Crompton, Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director. "Fitzgerald and Sand need to stand up for Iowans and tell Democrats in Washington to stop this desperate attempt to overturn the will of Iowans."

All of the votes have been counted, a bipartisan board certified those votes, Hart had ample time to take her claims up to Iowa Courts, Congress voted to seat Miller-Meeks, and NOW Pelosi and Hart are trying to unseat Iowa's congresswoman for their own political gain.


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