It has now been over a full day since the Biden Administration has abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and left our fellow citizens to the mercy of the Taliban.

There has yet to be any condemnation from any Iowa Democrats. Nothing from Cindy Axne. Nothing from Abby Finkenauer. Nothing from Liz Mathis. Nothing from Ross Wilburn. Nothing from Dave Muhlbauer. Nothing from Ras Smith. Nothing from Deidre DeJear. Nothing from Rob Sand.

Why are Iowa Democrats allowed to be silent while Americans have been left behind? They must be asked: 

  • Do you support Pres. Biden’s plan to leave Americans in a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan?
  • Do you support they way Pres. Biden's has handled our Afghanistan withdrawal?
  • Do you believe taxpayer dollars should fund the Taliban government? Will you fight against any attempts? 
  • Do you believe that Pres. Biden lied to the American people throughout the withdrawal?

"It's unacceptable that Iowa Democrats are unwilling to speak out. When Americans lives are at stake, they stand in silent allegiance to Joe Biden rather than with the American people," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "It’s past time Democrats start answering questions on Biden’s botched exit plan. Iowans deserve answers."


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