Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Cindy Axne campaigning with "Squad" member Ayanna Pressley this week: 

"Cindy Axne is finally showing her true colors and campaigning with radical Squad member Ayanna Pressley, a leader in the national Defund the Police movement. For years now, Axne has tried to fool Iowans into believing she is a moderate. However, Iowans know the Democrat Party has changed. There are no moderates left, just ones who lie about their agenda and ones who are honest about their hatred for our country and its values. 

"Iowans deserve to know Pressley's record. Pressley is an avid supporter of defunding our police, she has called for rioters to target GOP officials, and wants to "restructure" our country. None of these are Iowa values, yet Cindy Axne will campaign with her and use the money to continue her deceptive lies."


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