In December of 2020, then President-Elect Joe Biden assured the American people that the COVID vaccine, "should not be mandatory, I wouldn't demand it be mandatory." 

Today, the Biden Administration unveiled their plan to mandate the vaccine for Americans. Small businesses have endured the COVID pandemic, worker shortages, supply chain issues, and an economy reeling, including climbing inflation, thanks to the disastrous policies of the Democrats and the Biden Administration. Today's broken promise is placing yet another burdensome regulation on the country's small businesses and their employees. 

"The Biden Administration has absolutely overstepped their power and this move resembles something we'd see coming out of an authoritarian dictatorship, not the United States of America," said Republican party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "The American people will not stand for this blatant attempt to strip them of their individual rights and freedoms. The Republican Party of Iowa wholeheartedly supports Governor Reynolds' fight against these lawless mandates."


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