Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Joe Biden holding a virtual reception for Cindy Axne:

“It's no surprise Joe Biden is swooping in at the last minute to try to save his favorite congresswoman, Cindy Axne. Axne has been dutifully carrying out Biden's agenda of skyrocketing inflation, rising gas prices, woke policies, and an open Southern Border.

“Joe Biden is panicking at the thought of not having his loyal Cindy Axne in Congress, but he knows he can't show his face in this state. Nonetheless, Iowans will never forget that Democrats tried to lock us in our homes, keep our kids out of the classroom, and mandate how and when to live our lives. That’s the path Cindy Axne and Joe Biden chose. 

"In Iowa, under Republican leaders like Zach Nunn, we chose common sense and freedom. Zach Nunn stood with Gov. Kim Reynolds and trusted Iowans - getting our kids in the classroom, expanding opportunity, and growing our economy. Zach Nunn fought back while Axne chose to go along to get along.

“Iowans are ready to put a check on Joe Biden and know Zach Nunn will take our fight to Washington!”


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