Gruesome terror attacks against innocent civilians in Israel – including the kidnapping of women and childrenmurder of civilians, and even rape – have been met with swift and widespread condemnation. 

Except from the Iowa Democrats' candidate for the First Congressional District, Christina Bohannan, whose first instinct was to seize a Middle East humanitarian and security crisis not seen in decades to take a cheap political shot:

Only ten hours later did Bohannan, after being called out for her misguided focus, bother to condemn barbaric terrorism and express her support for Israel. 

In response to this, Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kush Desai released the following statement:

"Iowans deserve leaders who know when to put politics aside for the greater good. By prioritizing petty political potshots over an acknowledgement and condemnation of gruesome terror attacks against innocent civilians, Christina Bohannan has clearly demonstrated that she does not meet this basic standard for office."

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