Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Deidre DeJear's education plan: 

"Iowa Democrats support higher taxes, reckless spending, and voted to keep kids locked out of the classroom. In unprecedented times, Iowa Democrats punished our students in an attempt to extend their political demagoguery. Iowans will never forgive Democrats for selling out our children's future to corrupt teacher unions. Least Iowans forget, this is the same Democrat Party that slashed the state budget in 2010 by 10 percent - effectively cutting education spending.

"Under Gov. Reynolds’ leadership, Iowa's students are on a better path. Iowa's students were allowed in the classroom to learn and work alongside their peers - instead of falling behind like students across the country. With a strong budget surplus, historic tax cuts, and more money going toward public education every year, Iowans should vote on the facts, not the Democrats’ false promises."

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