In response to numerous media outlets -- including the AP, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, et al -- calling the results of the 2024 Iowa Caucus prematurely when just around 300 votes of the over 100,000 that were ultimately cast were reported, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman released the following statement:

"Media outlets calling the results of the 2024 First-in-the-Nation Caucus less than half an hour after precinct caucuses had been called to order – before the overwhelming majority of Iowans had even cast their ballot – was highly disappointing and concerning.

"One of the key differences between the Iowa Caucus and a standard primary election is that Iowans have the chance to listen to presidential candidates or their surrogates and deliberate to make an informed decision. 

"There was no need to rush one of the most transparent, grassroots democratic processes in the country."

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