DES MOINES – In response to the Iowa legislature's passage of the Fetal Heartbeat Bill during special session, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann and Co-Chair Linda Upmeyer issued the following statements:
Chairman Jeff Kaufmann:
"The Supreme Court's judicious ruling last year that repealed the Roe decision made it clear that abortion laws fall under the purview of the states.

"I commend the governor for calling a special session and lawmakers for coming back to Des Moines to address and finally settle this issue.

"Our laws reflect the values of Iowans and must be written by the people's elected representatives, not by judges. The bill that was passed today reflects what Iowans hold dear – that all life is precious." 

Co-Chair Linda Upmeyer:
"Protecting the sanctity of life is of utmost importance to Iowans. I am proud of our legislature for wasting no time and passing a bill that affirms Iowans' compassionate commitment to cherishing every life.

"There is no right more important or more fundamental than the Right to Life."

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