DES MOINES – This week, the Supreme Court of the United States issued several landmark rulings that blocked federal government overreach, restored fairness in higher education, and reinforced Iowans’ constitutional rights.
In the Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case, the Supreme Court ruled that racial stereotyping cannot be used as a factor in college admissions. Democrats unsurprisingly slammed the ruling after previously criticizing Asian American parents who oppose racial quotas in college admissions as “extreme” and “ultra MAGA.”
With its ruling on Biden v. Nebraska – a lawsuit that Iowa’s Attorney General Brenna Bird had signed onto – the Supreme Court rejected Joe Biden’s plan to unilaterally forgive nearly $500 billion in student loan debt. Biden’s student loan giveaway, in addition to being unconstitutional, would’ve worsened inflation and been a slap in the face to Iowans who didn’t go to college or who’ve paid off their loans.
The Supreme Court’s ruling on 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis reinforced Iowans’ First Amendment rights to the freedom of religion by ruling that a graphic designer may not be forced to promote messages that violate her deeply held religious beliefs. The Court similarly upheld religious freedom this week with its ruling on Groff v. DeJoy.
In response to these rulings, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann issued the following statement:
“I applaud the Supreme Court for its rulings this week that limited government overreach and reinforced Iowans’ rights and equality before the law regardless of race or religion.
“But while the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence has recently given us some comfort and protection from the current administration’s incompetence, we cannot merely rely on the courts.
“Who the president is and who the country is being run by matters, and we must elect a president who will put everyday Americans first. Iowans will be sure to keep this reality in mind as we head towards a historic Iowa Caucus in the coming months.”


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