DES MOINES - Today, the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled against Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand in a lawsuit about his refusal to produce government records. 

One thing is clear: Rob Sand is corrupt and cannot be trusted in office.

Democrats across the state are always quick to point the finger at everyone else for "corruption", but the right hand often forgets what the left is doing. While Democrats make the baseless claim that they are the party of the people, Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand hid and refused to turn over emails between his office and rich, progressive blogger Laura Belin of Bleeding Heartland.

What could be the reason for Auditor Sand to hide and refuse to turn over these emails? Even the Des Moines Register says, "Sand's office provides shifting rationale for withholding an email."

The lack of transparency from this office is alarming, especially when you read his bio on Twitter/X: " crooks as a prosecutor, & now govt insiders' waste/fraud/abuse."

"The Auditor needs to stop with the self-righteous attitude and get his own house in order before preaching about government transparency," said Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "This is a clear violation of the law and Auditor Sand and his office need to be held accountable. Iowans deserve a statewide official they can trust."


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