(DES MOINES) – Kamala Harris is set to participate in a CNN Town Hall in Iowa tonight, fresh off announcing her presidential bid. Like Gillibrand and Warren before her, Harris is struggling to find a base as Iowans grow tired of out-of-touch liberals jetting in from the East and West coasts. What’s more, she’s filling her first town hall with prescreened Iowans and shutting out interested caucus-goers – not a great strategy for a candidate desperate for more support.

Not addressing Iowans directly has been the downfall of many presidential candidates before her. Maybe Harris is afraid of what she’ll hear:

Kamala Harris is struggling to find Democrats to support her as Biden steals her thunder

Kamala Harris should learn from her own rhetoric

Kamala Harris was a bad prosecutor and would make an even worse President

P.S. We imagine the following application is what tonight’s attendees had to complete to get a ticket…


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