DES MOINES -- In the run-up to election day, Sen. Chuck Schumer famously said, "Everything is on the table," if Democrats were able to secure power in Washington, D.C. 

Now we are beginning to see just what he meant. He hasn't even taken the oath of office yet, but Pres.-elect Biden and his progressive allies are laying out their radical agenda which they will enact on day one. In recent days, they announced plans which will take away Iowa's choice in presidential elections, cut American jobs, raise energy prices for Iowa families and open our borders during a pandemic. 

Instead of focusing on the pressing issues Americans are facing today, Biden & Co are more interested in pleasing their out-of-touch progressive wing. Unpopular ideas like the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, and eliminate the filibuster have yet to be introduced, but Americans should be worried.

"The coastal liberals wasted no time getting to work on stifling the voices of Middle America with their quick work to abolish the electoral college. Every Iowan should be enraged that is even on the table, let alone Democrats' first priority," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "In the coming months, we are bracing ourselves for a wave of radical, left-wing to do lists, undoing much of the great work Pres. Trump and Congressional Republicans have done over the past four years." 


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