DES MOINES -- It’s been 10 days since Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, declared a dishonest “oath” over the donations she takes, and her campaign has yet to come clean. 
The Times Republican wrote that Greenfield “made an oath not to take money from special interest groups or corporate PACs.” Yet according to FEC reports, Greenfield has taken more than $355,000 worth of contributions from corporate-funded Leadership PACs and special interest groups, including radical groups like the Green New Deal-supporting League of Conservation Voters and pro-choice group Emily's List, who supports partial birth abortion.
Greenfield’s hypocrisy over corporate dollars was exposed in a recent Open Secrets report. Now she’s lying about the special interest money she took, while she and her campaign are actively promoting the article. 
Although Greenfield and her team want to hide out, Greenfield must answer:

  1. If Greenfield has decided to no longer accept money from special interest groups and corporate-funded Leadership PACs, why hasn’t she returned the $355k she has taken from them?
  2. Was Greenfield blatantly lying when stating her oath not to accept special interest money? Or was this another gaffe


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