The March Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll cements what Iowans expressed last November when they unleashed an unprecedented Red Wave: their confidence in Republican leadership.

Kim Reynolds, who won re-election with an almost 19-point landslide, has a net four-point approval rate. Her current 50 percent approval rate, moreover, marks an uptick from her 49 percent approval in last year’s March Iowa Poll and the 46 percent she was at in the 2021 March Iowa Poll.

Iowans also expressed confidence in the Republican-majority legislature with a net 12-point approval rating. That includes a majority 52 percent of Iowa parents with children under the age of 18 approving of the legislature’s job – a 22-point net approval among this critical demographic.

After she unseated a 40-year Democrat incumbent, a plurality of Iowans similarly approve of Brenna Bird despite the fact that she’s been on the job as Iowa’s attorney general for less than four months. It’s hardly a surprise as she’s tackled one campaign promise after another: joining lawsuits against Joe Biden’s student loan giveaway and overreach on Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) regulations that affect 97 percent of Iowa’s land.

The contrast couldn’t be starker with what Iowans think of Democrat leadership in Washington, D.C.

The March Iowa Poll found that not even a third of Iowans approve of Biden’s performance, with over two-thirds disapproving. Nearly three-quarters of Iowans – including 75 percent of independents – think the U.S. is on the wrong track, and it’s hard to blame them with persistently high inflation, a looming banking crisis, and a record-breaking border crisis helping pour record amounts of lethal drugs right into Iowa communities.

“Republicans have been and will continue to be a voice for everyday Iowans across all 99 counties,” said Republican Party of Iowa Jeff Kaufmann. “We’ve made promises, and we’ve put our money where our mouth is – and Iowans are noticing the results that Republican leadership is delivering versus the one disaster after another that Democrats out in Washington are busy unleashing.”

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