DES MOINES -- As the Senate convenes today to take up articles of impeachment, the press is beginning to take note of the undeniable truth: Theresa Greenfield is hiding and avoiding questions on virtually everything, including impeachment.

As National Journal reports: “…despite the caucuses drawing outsized attention to Iowa politics, Greenfield hasn’t been in the public eye much. She’s instead focused on raising money and quietly building support with the Democratic rank-and-file in preparation for a contested primary. She’s avoided public events where she’d be pressed on the news of the day and, most notably, hasn’t taken a firm position on Trump’s impeachment (only calling for a fair trial with relevant witnesses)."

Determined to keep Iowans in the dark on her policy positions, Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate spends her time avoiding questions, kicking cameras out of events, and hiding out in a “windowless basement” raising money. 

Today, as Schumer continues his circus, his handpicked candidate must stop hiding and come clean to Iowans as to where she stands on the impeachment.

“Why is Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, refusing to come clean as to where she stands on the impeachment?” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “If Greenfield wants to run for United States Senate, Iowans deserve to know where she stands on impeachment – or any issue for that matter. Iowans want someone who is transparent and accessible, not another politician who has already fallen into the ways of Washington and is hiding out in Schumer’s windowless basement, like Theresa Greenfield.”


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