DES MOINES, Iowa -- Throughout her campaign, Theresa Greenfield has desperately tried to avoid discussing her failed business record at all costs -- even scrubbing any mention of her experience as CEO of Rottlund Homes (which went bankrupt) and President of Colby Interest (where she kicked small businesses to the curb) from her campaign website.

When she was finally challenged on it by Sen. Ernst herself, Greenfield completely melted down.

WATCH: Greenfield refused to apologize for kicking small businesses to the curb

Instead of apologizing for kicking small businesses to the curb, Greenfield flippantly remarked, “Not all of them make it,” and, “I am proud of my service.” 

“Iowans do not trust someone with Theresa Greenfield’s callous attitude and disastrous record of failed business leadership to represent them in the U.S. Senate, and that’s why they will soundly reject her on Election Day.” -- Aaron Britt, spokesperson for the Republican Party of Iowa


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