Liberal Cindy Axne always tries to dodge responsibility, but with the humanitarian crisis we have at our Southern border - Axne is out of excuses. 

After months of inviting migrants to the border, Pres. Joe Biden halted construction on Pres. Trump's wall along the Southern border. Now, there are wide-open gaps where even people on the terrorist watch list are getting into the country.

In 2019, Axne said that the border wall was, "not fiscally responsible or effective." A hard claim to make today, especially when the Sheriff in Pinal County, Arizona, says that the halted construction is the reason why we are seeing this humanitarian crisis and human heartbreak.

Biden's own Secretary of Homeland Security said, "We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years," and yet, Axne has not said a single word.

"Iowans see the crisis at our border and know that it's because of the radical policies promoted by liberals like Cindy Axne," said Republican Party of Iowa Communication Director Kollin Crompton. "What we are seeing is a crisis. It's a shame that Axne is unwilling to even lift a finger to stop it."


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