Last week, Eddie Mauro rolled out a disgusting and senseless attack ad against Senator Joni Ernst, which was met with widespread criticism. The outrageous ad was disrespectful to both victims of gun violence and law-abiding gun owners. 



The controversy surrounding the senseless ad continued into the weekend as Senator Ernst joined Fox and Friends. Senator Ernst stood up for her and Iowans’ Second Amendment rights during the interview.

“I am a responsible law-abiding gun owner and to insinuate that I and hundreds of thousands of law-abiding gun owners in Iowa would participate in these types of heinous acts is like I said it’s disgusting and appalling.”

View the entire interview HERE.


Mauro made his own appearance on Fox and Friends the following day, where he was taken to task for his offensive ad. Watch Mauro’s interview HERE.
Mauro desperately attempted to defend his ad and repeated false liberal talking points and dishonest claims about the Senator’s record. The reality is, Senator Ernst works tirelessly to protect those with pre-existing conditions and she is helping to lead efforts to pass the PROTECT Act in order to ensure that those with pre-existing conditions are protected. Iowans know that they have a relentless fighter in Senator Joni Ernst.



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