Instead of putting the needs of Iowans first, Reps. Axne and Finkenauer are once again prioritizing Pelosi’s partisan pet projects.

After they came back from a week-long break, Nancy Pelosi blew up any hope of passing an immediate Phase Three relief plan -- just so she could use this crisis as an opportunity to pass ridiculous and unnecessary portions of her far-left agenda.

From the Green New Deal to $35 million for a Washington, D.C. opera house, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats don’t seem to be taking this pandemic seriously. Their priority should be getting health care professionals the resources they need and helping Americans; instead, they want to pass regulations that would cripple the airline industry and further decimate our economy.

 It’s shameful that Nancy Pelosi, Cindy Axne, and Abby Finkeanuer are playing politics instead of providing relief for the families and businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. Iowans expect leaders to unify during times of crisis, and they deserve to know: Will Reps. Axne and Finkenauer continue prioritizing the partisan agenda of their party bosses, or will they provide Iowans with immediate and desperately-needed relief?


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