According to a recent KCCI report, Republican presidential candidates and affiliated political action committees (PACs) have spent nearly $21 million on Iowa-focused political advertisements so far in the 2024 caucus cycle. 

This record figure is over eight times the amount of television spending made by candidates and PACs by this same point in the 2020 caucus cycle. 

recent Politico report similarly outlined the full extent of campaign investments made in Iowa by presidential candidates and PACs: dozens of in-state staffers, numerous current and planned office rentals, and various events planned across all 99 Iowa counties.

All told, Iowa's coveted First-in-the-Nation Caucus is once again generating tens millions of dollars in economic activity for everyday Iowa citizens and businesses as candidates skip across rural, suburban, and urban communities in the state to make their case to caucusgoers. 

Record 2024 caucus-related spending by Republicans underscores the ramifications of Iowa Democrats' failure to stand up to Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – as their New Hampshire counterparts have done – to preserve Iowa's First-in-the-Nation caucus for Democrats. 

It's a stark contrast with Iowa Republicans who have fought hard to ensure that presidential contenders continue to pump millions of dollars into Iowa and elevate issues affecting everyday Iowans to the forefront. Iowa Democrats have instead twiddled their thumbs and remained hung up on a primary-in-all-but-name mail-in voting scheme – effectively relegating Iowa to an irrelevant flyover state in their nominating convention at the behest of Biden.

In response to these developments, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement:

"In order to boost perennial caucus-loser Joe Biden's ego, Iowa Democrats aren't just ensuring their own irrelevance in our state's politics, but they're also depriving everyday Iowa citizens of economic opportunities and undermining the ability for Middle America to have its rightful voice on the national stage.

"As Iowa caucusgoers miss out on the flood of Democrat presidential campaign activity and spending that's buoyed our state for nearly half a century, they should keep in mind where the fault lies: with Iowa Democrats." 



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